Installation & Maintenance Kit

Installation & Maintenance Kit

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Our Installation Kit provides you with a combination of tools to allow the safest installation and the ability to do maintenance cycles on our line of Energy Managers.  It is comprised of the following:

 Handheld Operational Testing Device

This battery operated device will enable the installing electrician or end users to test the operation of the devices at initial installation or for a maintenance cycle,. It is specifically designed to work with the devices listed below:

   EVEMS240-100, EVEMS240-100-3R

   EVEMS240-200, EVEMS240-200-3R

It will allow the user to plug into one of the current monitoring device slots and simulate the electrical service being loaded from 0 -100%. One can then test and demonstrate the operation of the device to clients and others. It also allows for troubleshooting and to perform a full maintenance cycle on the system as needed.

Adjustable Torque Diver

This torque driver is adjustable from 4 in-lbs (0.5 Nm) to 53 in-lbs (6 Nm). It will provide an unmistakable click when set torque is reached. It adjusts at 0.1 Nm scale to provide just the right torque for each fastener and comes complete with several 1/4" bits all in a sleek black, foam lined, protective case.

The compact size and easy to adjust setting make it a must have tool to when appropriate torquing is required.

Proper torquing of connection points is important in the EV industry as EV's use maximum rated current for hours at a time and therefore are more susceptible to heat accumulation and loose connections. If adequate torque is not applied to these connections hot spots can develop that can cause abnormally noisy contactors, unreliable operation, and premature failure.



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