Electrical Service Load Calculator for Single Dwellings in Canada

Will I Need Black Box Energy Management When Adding a Load?

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This calculator does not replace Electrical Code Calculations and is for estimation only.

Some parts of this calculator are taken from CEC 2021

row CEC rule items data calc's. watts
01 note

Select: m2 ft.2

Step 1. Basement Floor Area:

02 8-110(c) Basement Floor Area in meters2 
0 m2
03 8-110(a),(b)

Select: m2 ft.2

Step 2. All Floor Areas Above the Basement:

04   Floor Area above the basement in meters2 
0 m2
05 8-110(a),(b),(c) Total Floor Area in meters2 
0 m2
06 8-200(1)(a)(i),(ii) Watts Assigned To Total Floor Area 
0 W
07 8-200(1)(a)(iii) Step 3. Combined Space Heating Loads: W    
08 62-118(1),(2) Total Watts Assigned to Space Heat 
0 W
09 8-200(1)(a)(iii) Step 4. Air-Conditioning Rating: W    
10 8-106(3) Step 5. Check box if space heat and air-conditioning can be on simultaneously =>    
11   Total Watts Assigned To Space Heat and AC 
0 W
12   Step 6. Electric Range: W    
13 8-200(1)(a)(iv) Watts Assigned To Electric Range 
0 W
14 8-200(1)(a)(v) Step 7. Water Heaters: Tankless Water Heaters; Water Steamers; Pool, Tub & Spa Water Heaters: W  
0 W
15 8-200(1)(a)(vi) Step 8. Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Loads: W  
0 W
16 8-200(1)(a)(vii) Step 9. Additional Loads: Include any with Rating Greater Than 1500 Watts for example an Electric Dryer: W    
17 8-200(1)(a)(vii) Watts Assigned To Additional Loads 
0 W
0 W
0 A
20 8-200 Minimum Service Amps:
21 Table 2 or 4 Hot Conductor Size:
22   Meter Base Rating:
23 Table 13 Main Fuse / Breaker:
24 Section 10 Service Grounding Conductor:
25 Table 41 Service Bonding Jumper:
26 Table 6 Service Conduit Size (threaded, rigid metal):
27 8-108 Service Panel Size (minimum):

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