Screwdriver - Fixed Torque for EVEMS Contactor Lugs

Screwdriver - Fixed Torque for EVEMS Contactor Lugs

Black Box Innovations
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This T- handle torque driver will allow adequate torque to be applied to our Energy Manager contactor connections. Once the torque spec. is achieved the driver will click noticeably. It has a 1/4" bit connection to allow for the use of a variety of bits.

Proper torquing of connection points is important in the EV industry as EV use maximum rated current for hours at a time and therefore are more susceptible to heat accumulation and loose connections. If adequate torque is not applied to these connections hot spots can develop that can cause abnormally noisy contactors, unreliable operation, and premature failure.

Checking for adequate torquing of these connections should also be part of the maintenance program to keep electrical equipment in good shape.


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