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Black Box EVEMS240 DCC / RVE * AC Dandy Loadmiser

Footprint, Dimensions

Volume 192 inch/sq,

8” x 6” x 4” 

Volume 440 inch/sq,

11” x 8” x 5” 

Volume 756 inch/sq,

14" x 12" x 4.5"


Algorithm Intelligent Switching   #

Simple Threshold & Time Switching

Priority One-Way Switching
Monitoring System All Main Lines All Main Lines One Breaker Line

Adjustable Time Delay  

Yes No Yes

Bi-Directional Capable

Yes No No

Controlled Device Resistive Loading Rating

Yes Yes Yes

Controlled Device FLA Rating

Yes No No

Current Sensor Sized for Electrical Service Entrances

Yes No No

Design with Fail-Safe Switching §

Yes No Yes

Testing Device Available

Yes No No

Included Offset Nipple For ease of CT installation

Yes No No

Included Controlled Device Label

Yes No No

Available in NEMA1 Enclosure

Yes No No

Available in NEMA3R Enclosure

Yes Yes Yes

Patented Design

Yes No No

Multi-Residential Hub Compatible

Yes No No


* DCC – 12 used for size but references may apply to other models
Algorithm Computer Controlled Switching provides more protection for controlled devices of all varieties by eliminating damaging short cycling. It also provides for the longest run/charge times by intelligently monitoring your electrical usage and making decisions on when the controlled device can safely operate.
Ability to fine-tune how fast the computer will decide to turn the controlled device back on after satisfying the algorithm. This allows for a testing function with instantaneous operation as well as having this set more conservatively or for faster action depending on the situation. (Standard setting is halfway through the travel)
FLA (Full Load Amp) ratings combined with LRA (Locked Rotor Amp) ratings are used to size control systems for inductive loads such as motors and provide for a diversity of applications like A/C, Heat Pumps, and Pool Pumps, etc.
§ Fail-safe design means that if the controller ever gets damaged or stops communicating with the switching device the system is designed to fail in a de-energized state preventing overloads and possible damage to people and property due to fire risk by overheating of devices or unexpected main breaker tripping and loss of whole home power


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