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This saved me a small fortune. Maxed out (100A) panel, and could still add a 60 amp (EV charging) breaker with it.

Dwain Jerorski - Home Owner - Facebook comment

I was very impressed with the load manager. It had multiple options for mounting which made it quick to install. It was clearly labeled leaving no question as to how to terminate the components. I got it finished in less than an hour. Most importantly, it worked well to manage the loads on my install to prevent an overloading situation on the electrical service.

Rocky Larkin - Electrician - Traditional Electric

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Fast Installation - Faster Charging - Make More Money

Installation Savings

No wasting time compiling electrical specifications for load calculations that end in an unacceptable charge rate or loss of the job. Using our devices makes installations fast and easy. Save time and money. Close more jobs.

Quick and Easy - 8"x 6"x 4" (HxWxD)

Compact size allows our EVEMS to fit in tight spaces above or around an electrical panel. No extra breakers needed and many usable standard knockouts to choose from. Our current monitoring devices are small and clip onto the main lines without disconnection making for a quicker and easier installation.

Give Your Customer The Charge Rate They Want at a Lower Cost

Never have a customer suffer from range anxiety when you can offer high speed charging in their home with no additional cost for service upgrades.

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